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There Is Finally A Cure For The Alzheimer’s, According To Researchers At Harvard University

In the earlier part of 2016, a few researchers from Harvard University published a study proclaiming that the root of Alzheimer’s disease has finally been found. And although this theory is still yet to be tested, we can definitely agree that represents a great leap forward for our society.
The immune system plays a major role in the development of the Alzheimer’s disease, according to the theory. It is also the process that slowly takes the memory away from people and unfortunately ends fatally for their health.

The Cause Of The Alzheimer’s, According To Harvard Researchers

Presently, Beta Amyloid is the protein which is thought to be the stimulator of Alzheimer’s Disease. However, the new theory published at Harvard’s University says that Beta Amyloids actually helps in fighting off  bacteria and fungus – as tested on lab mice and worms studies.
There still isn’t any confirmed information that Beta Amyloids acts in the same way in humans. However, if this is true – there must be a breakdown when it comes to the drugs present on the market and the ones that stimulate our immune system to get rid of the protein.
According to the researchers at Harvard University, the Alzheimer’s disease is triggered in response to bacteria or pathogens in a form of over-drive. Harvard researchers Rudy Tanzi and Robert Moir ‘started the fire’ and guided us on a new path when it comes to curing the Alzheimer’s.
As you probably know, the Alzheimer disease shows up in late middle aged people although its symptoms may not be evident until a decade or more later. The researchers say that having a healthy diet and a lot of exercise helps preventing this disease, as published in the book Super Genes by Deepak Chopra.

The Link between Alzheimer’s Cure Vs. Gum Disease

The study on the protein that prevents the Alzheimer’s from showing has also stated that there can be a lot of things done to prevent the Alzheimer’s. According to the survey, adequate exercise, high quality sleep, a healthy diet and treating gum disease are all equally important factors – each of which preventing the Alzheimer’s from showing up through the power of healthy living.
As Colgate officially reported not a while ago, there is definitely a link between gum disease and the Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, another study At The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has found out that people with poor oral hygiene and gum disease are all potential ‘victims’ to the Alzheimer’s.
Simply put, when bacteria reach the brain, it triggers an automatic immune system response and starts killing our brain cells. The immune response, on the other hand, is the one that leads to the changes in the brain – similar to the ones found in the Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, people with Alzheimer’s have been proven to have worse oral hygiene than people without the dementia – which is another strong indicator that there is a strong link between gum diseases and the Alzheimer’s disease.

The Official ‘Cure For The Alzheimer’s Disease’

The bottom line of this study is that although it is an elegant theory, it is far from conclusion. However, our hopes are that the Alzheimer’s that has been cured in mice over a decade ago can similarly work in humans.
The major spin-off from the ‘beta amyloid theory’ is a new immune protein called LL-37. According to the researchers, this protein is essential for the health of our brain however there are some side effects form its excessive use linked to ailments from heart disease to rheumatoid arthritis. That being said, this spin-off stands on the same line as the Alzheimer’s cure, and as we said above, is far from conclusion.

The most important thing in the entire theory is the beta amyloid, a protein once considered to be the hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease. However, the new breakthrough shows us that it has a positive role as well – backed up by the fact that even animals have had it for 400 million years.

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