June 29th Science Magazine, research article using data from italians aged 105 and beyond, showed that mortality rates increase exponentially up to age 80. However, beyond the age 80, mortality rates then somehow DECREASE. More significantly interesting is that mortality rates then PLATEAUS after age 105! What’s incredibly interesting about this finding is that the authors claim to have the most precise data to date for evidence for extreme age mortality plateaus in humans.

What does this mean for you? – Aim to make it to age 105 and it’ll be smooth sailing! Remember to maintain your teeth to continue a nourishing diet. The world’s oldest verified living person, Japan’s Chiyo Miyako at 117 years old as of June 29th 2018 credits eating eel, drinking red wine and never smoking for her longevity. Very achievable life habits!

Get ready for extreme human longevity with a visit to Georgian Dental® where we will help you  “Get your smile in style!®” with holistic, long lasting dentistry for whole body health. Call 705.739.6725 today!

ref: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/360/6396/1459


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